Watch The Ford GT Prove It's One Of The Greatest Cars Ever Made


Best way to do so? Take it to the track.

Many of you may have seen a Ford GT in the flesh at one of America’s annual car shows. Or, perhaps, you caught it at a show in Europe or elsewhere. Point being is that it’s not so difficult to see a GT in-person, but it’s pretty hard to see one in action at the track. It's a special treat. As the next best thing for those of us who can't, Car and Driver convinced Ford to loan them a new GT for a trip to the track, specifically the Virginia International Speedway.

The 647-hp supercar, powered by that twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 didn’t disappoint. And fortunately, the C&D guys recorded the entire thing. The helmet camera even showed the GT reaching speeds over 160 mph. It owned every corner and nearly took off like a small airplane on the straightaways.

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By the time all was said and done, the GT set a time of 2:43 exactly. C&D further noted the Mercedes-AMG GT and the Porsche 918 Spyder were both a hair slower, 2:43.4 and 2:43.1, respectively. The Lightning Lap is a pretty big deal for C&D because it claims it’s the “North American parallel to Nurburgring lap times.” So if there are still any naysayers about Ford’s decision to use the twin-turbo V6 instead of a V8 or V10, enough already. Ford has built a true world-class supercar, hands down.