Watch The Ford GT Set A New Lap Record At The Arctic Circle Raceway


But first, there's a spectacular road trip involved.

The opportunity to drive one of the world’s greatest cars on one of the world’s greatest roadways is an offer no in their right mind could refuse. Steve Sutcliffe knows this, so it couldn’t have been too hard for Ford of Europe to get a "yes" answer out of him for its latest episode of European Driving Roads. A Ford GT, sporting a yellow body with a pair of black hood stripes, was taken to the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway, also known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, for a road trip that culminated with a trip to the Arctic Circle Raceway.

The roadway itself is quite epic, consisting of eight bridges that connect the Norwegian towns of Karvag and Vevang. It’s only a few miles long, but the scenery is nothing short of spectacular, and being behind the wheel of a GT supercar only makes the experience all the more perfect.

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Sutcliffe then makes his way to the 2.3-mile Arctic Circle circuit, which happens to be the northernmost circuit in the world. It’s not just a clever name. Although he’s an experienced racing driver, Sutcliffe hands the keys and car over to Stefan Mucke, a Ford factory Le Mans racing driver. The time has come to set a new track lap record. Not only did Mucke do this, but he also went ahead and immediately broke his own lap record again.