Watch The Ford Model T Destroy SUVs At An Off-Road Test

What can modern SUVs learn from America’s first car?

Sometimes new technology is the way to go, other times, we can learn from the old school. This 100 year-old Ford Model T shows us how good the first car to roam America’s streets is at tackling uneven terrain by conquering an RTI ramp. An RTI ramp tests axle flexibility and the Model T blows many new off-road vehicles out of the water by flexing its front and rear solid axles 20 degrees. In addition to the axles, a 10-inch ground clearance and 100-inches of wheelbase help the Model T pull off this impressive feat.

Part of the reason for the 1916 Model T’s off-roading ability is that at the time, most of America’s roads were unpaved, meaning that a stock version had to be designed with the expectation that it may never see pavement.

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