Watch The Ford Mustang's Amazing Evolution In A Mere Five Minutes

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Complete with engine audio.

Ford had no idea what it was in for when it launched its original Mustang in mid-1964. Marketed as a "secretary's car," Ford figured it'd be popular, but never imagined in its wildest dreams it'd become legendary. But there was one person who recognized the Mustang's full potential, and he didn't even officially work for Ford. If you guessed Carroll Shelby then you'd be correct. It took a former chicken farmer turned Le Mans-winning race car driver from Texas to realize just what those Yankees from Detroit had cooked up.

His formula was simple: drop the standard V6 for a V8 (several of them, actually). Perform the necessary suspension and chassis modifications and there you go. But the Mustang, like other icons, has retained its essentials over the past 50+ years.


Rear-wheel drive, optional V8, and that long hood and short rear deck silhouette, to name just a few. Sure it's been redesigned several times, but Ford has never strayed from the pony car formula it so fortunately stumbled upon. And now Cars Evolution has created this nifty five-minute or so long video showcasing the Mustang's evolution over the years. We've seen similar videos with the Porsche 911 and BMW M3, so it was about time the Mustang was chosen. Obviously the video's creators didn't have time to show all of the Mustangs, so they picked what they thought were the best ones. As an added bonus, there is accompanied engine audio. Nice touch, guys.


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