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Watch The Former Stig Explain How To Drive The New Ford Focus RS

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Four driving modes. Four unique personalities.

Some say Ben Collins is cashing in with his Top Gear celebrity status. After all, he was the Stig for several years. With his Top Gear days now behind him, Collins has found work promoting various brands and being invited to attend major car events around the world. Not a bad life for a guy who used to drive some of the fastest cars on the world's most famous motoring show. And now Ford has Collins at the wheel of its all-new Focus RS. This isn't your everyday Focus, but rather an all-wheel-drive, turbocharged hot hatch with a total of 350 hp.

And yet it can still be driven like a regular car if drivers so choose. It can even be turned into a track day animal at the push of a button. With a total of four drive modes to pick from, Collins demonstrates each one to us in this new Ford-produced video. He also squeezes in some time for a bit of hooliganism. He's the former Stig, after all.

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