Watch The Hellcat Do Something The M3 Never Could


The Hellcat just laid down a phenomenal time.

We've seen the Hellcat get its ass kicked by a Tesla, although it later atoned for that massive embarrassment. Now we have perhaps the greatest quarter-mile run ever performed by a Hellcat, and it's gonna make BMW M3 owners weep. Why are we comparing the Dodge Challenger Hellcat to a BMW M3? Chiefly, because they both base at around $60,000. Other than that it's just for shits and giggles. A 2015 F80 M3 has run the quarter-mile in 11.66 seconds. That was stock, albeit running on 103 octane.

This Challenger Hellcat just nailed it in a blistering time of 10.87 seconds at over 127 mph, while fitted with 17-inch Welds with drag radials. So, if you had the cash, which would you buy? The M3 or the Hellcat? And does this video sway your opinion either way?

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