Watch The Hennessey VelociRaptor Catch Serious Air

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We believe the professional term for this is "yumping."

"Yeet" would probably be a good summary of Hennessey's testing of the Velociraptor 600. Hennessey showed off the brand's tuned-up dune runner in a new video today, as well as providing us with some detail on Honnessey's "Fire and Ice" testing program. Basically, the program is designed to push the limits of Hennessey vehicles so that the brand knows that no matter what customers do to their cars, the vehicles will hold up.

Predictably, that means the testing is incredibly harsh. During testing at Glamis Sand Dunes in California, temperatures climbed past 100 degrees. That on its own is enough to push most vehicles to their limits, but Hennessey wants to make sure the F-150 Raptor-based Velociraptor isn't limited by the confines of thermodynamics.

Hennessey Hennessey Hennessey Hennessey

Most of the testing consisted of what the Velociraptor (and by extension, the Raptor) is good at: high-speed dune running. "Our team builds around 500 high-performance vehicles a year for passionate customers who rightfully expect mainstream manufacturer levels of quality, reliability, and service together with extreme performance. Our torturous 'Fire & Ice' program is the real-world culmination of hundreds of hours of research and development that each model line undergoes at our Texas headquarters. Our goal is to combine ultimate performance with complete peace of mind," said CEO John Hennessey.

The brand also ensured the Velociraptor could cope with some more serious off-roading, which meant climbing some of Glamis' 300-foot dunes. Apparently, having 558 hp and 672 lb-ft of torque on tap makes that rather easy. We'd say that covers the fire part of "Fire and Ice" pretty well.

Hennessey Hennessey Hennessey Hennessey

Hennessey also took to the Colorado Rockies for cold-weather testing, which was conducted with both the Velociraptor and the Mammoth 1000 TRX, Hennessey's tuned-up Ram TRX. There, Hennessey says temps crept below 10 degrees. The Texas-based tuning company hopes that by testing its models in these conditions, they'll be well-prepared for anything their future owners might throw at them.

If you'd like to see some of that testing for yourself, Hennessey invites customers to the final testing phase at the brand's Sealy headquarters in order to provide further peace of mind.

Hennessey Hennessey Hennessey Hennessey

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