Watch The Jaguar XF Sportbrake Pull An Olympic Skier Over 100 MPH

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Madness has its benefits. A new world record was set.

One day, Jaguar must have come up with the idea that, for whatever reason, it wanted to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest towed speed on skis. So it called up former Olympic downhill skier Graham Bell and asked if he'd like to be towed at over 100 mph by the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake in the Arctic Circle. Of course the guy said 'yes.' Downhill skiers take chances by nature. With a temperature of -28 degrees Celsius (-18.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and after just a few practice runs, Graham and the XF Sportbrake got into position.

The existing world record was set at 70 mph and because of the XF Sportbrake's all-wheel drive and other tech like Adaptive Surface Response and All Surface Progress Control, Jaguar felt it was the ideal vehicle for the task.

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Not surprisingly, both car and skier smashed the record – by 47 mph. An average speed of 117 mph was clocked and fortunately nothing went wrong. Imagine losing your balance while being pulled at over 100 mph. That wouldn't be funny. But all's well that ends well, and now Jaguar has a nice new record to hang on the office wall.

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