Watch The Lamborghini Urus Play In The Sand

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The reveal countdown continues.

Lamborghini is definitely having a good time these days. The reason? Its second-ever SUV, the Urus, will be making its official debut on December 4. As we've already noticed, Lamborghini has been teasing the Urus' arrival, shown in production in the background of few factory videos. The Urus in process was often a bit tough to see, but it was definitely there. Today, however, the Urus is being shown with only light camo as it demonstrates some of its off-roading capabilities on sand dunes.

Will it be as capable as a full-on body-on-frame SUV? Doubtful, but it doesn't really have to be. It's not like most (if any) Urus owners have a serious inclination to go off-roading, especially in an SUV that costs over six-figures. It's not exactly a Land Rover.

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However, the video does showcase the driving modes, with the usual Strada, Sport and Corsa present. This time, there's also Sabbia, Terra and Neve (Sand, Mud and Snow) for obvious reasons. From what we can see in this video, like the spy shots, the production-spec Urus looks a lot like the original concept that debuted back in 2012. Assuming Lamborghini keeps up with the video and image teases, we should be seeing more of them as we get closer to the reveal date, so stay tuned.

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