Watch The Maniacal Lotus 3-Eleven Roadster Come Alive At The Ring


It beat the Porsche 918 at Hockenheim, so how does it fair at the Nurburgring?

The aptly-named Lotus 3:11 (because Lotus only planned to make 311 of them) is available in Road and Race spec, and what you see here is a glimpse of what it's like in an open top Race spec at speed. Even at low speeds, when the wind is thrashing your head around, 80 mph can feel like 120 mph and it can be quite scary. Bikers will disagree, but if you're used to a tin top car and then drive an open topper, you get more aware of your surroundings and noises, and this can feel properly freaky.


That said, this Lotus is hoofing it, making full use of that screaming supercharged 450 hp V6. We spotted a top speed of 157 mph on one section.


As blurry as the background is at that speed, the Lotus 3-Eleven still has 11 mph more to go until it maxes out. It's not all in the top though, as you can see with the speeds on the bends, the Lotus is happiest with lateral G-forces. This is why it's faster around famed German racetrack, Hockenheim, than a Porsche 918 Spyder that has 887 hp on tap and a top speed of 202 mph. A light ride definitely is a wild ride.


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