Watch The Maserati Levante And Bentley Bentayga Battle Off-Road

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Finally someone takes the one percent to the badlands.

The argument for purchasing an ultra-expensive luxury SUV is that like other SUVs, owners will likely spend most, if not all, of the vehicle's lifetime on the road and away from the dirt. This is especially true for cars like the $230,000 Bentley Bentayga or the more affordable $72,000 Maserati Levante because these cars are meant to show off in Beverly Hills parking lots, not climb the steep rocks of Moab, Utah. That's why it's almost comedic to see the rare instances, such as this one, that these cars actually undergo some form of off-road testing.

Still, it's important to make sure right? If it isn't the average owner that'll test these cars to find their limits, then there's one distinct group of crazies who would dare do just that: gearheads.

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It's either car fans with enough money to afford the cars or those of us whose job description entails testing said vehicles that will punish gorgeous works of automotive art over bad terrain. This group of enthusiasts falls into the latter of the two groups and as such, was invited to the south of Spain to get the two vehicles dirty right after being washed by sprinklers at the Ascari race track. As we can see, the two do just fine, although we'd hate to think what it costs to repair the scratched paint. At least the two SUVs seem not to mind getting dirty despite their privileged backgrounds.

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