Watch The Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet Getting Dirty In Africa


Has Mercedes inadvertently built the first luxury vehicle that caters specifically to a safari?

Until you understand that Mercedes likes to build wildly opulent vehicles that cost a fortune for no other reason than the fact that it can, it's a bit tough trying to grasp the concept of the Maybach G650 Landaulet. It's a rugged off-road vehicle complete with portal axles, yet it features the comfort of a limousine. Barring the landaulet top, it hardly looks different from a lifted G65 from the outside but will be even more expensive. So what's the whole point of the G650 Landaulet if it has one at all outside of being a sendoff for the current Jurassic Period G-Class?

According to this video put out by Mercedes, the modified G Wagon is supposed to be used as the world's only safari chariot. Think about it, doors that shut like a bank vault do wonders to create the illusion of safety against lions.

Meanwhile an open rear allows for easy viewing of the desert while the covered top appropriately keeps the driver from enjoying the same view. Should have been born rich. Meanwhile, back seat occupants can recline in the sumptuous leather seats while the outside world does its work on the Maybach's paint job. What's refreshing, aside from the fact that now we know Mercedes is serious about a Maybach SUV (hopefully a Bentley Bentayga competitor is set to launch next), is the fact that we can actually see the G650 Landaulet getting dirty, something you can be sure to assume won't be experienced by customer copies.

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