Watch The Michigan Police Chase C8 Corvette Thieves

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Unfortunately, the car didn't survive.

Attempting to steal a new or used car from a dealership in broad daylight is an incredibly huge risk. It's also flat-out stupid. Dealerships not only have security cameras but also full-time staff. Among their numerous tasks is keeping an eye out on the inventory. But this didn't stop these two thieves from stealing a brand new 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray from a dealer in Detroit, Michigan last week.

According to Click On Detroit, the Michigan State Police were alerted to the theft only minutes after it occurred at around 10 a.m. They clearly weren't very good thieves because the black Vette's OnStar system gave police its exact location. Attempting to speed away was futile from the get-go.

Click On Detroit Click On Detroit Click On Detroit

Still, a high-speed chase ensued through the city once officers spotted the C8 roughly 30 minutes after it was stolen. The thieves then realized they'd been caught but refused to give up quietly. The driver turned onto the I-75 Service Drive and then sideswiped a van before crashing into several vehicles. The wreck was quite serious but no injuries were reported. Unfortunately, the Corvette was completely totaled.

Our two Twitter stars hopped out of the crashed car and made a run for it. It wasn't the only stupid thing they did that day but it was also the last thing because the police were in full pursuit.

MSP Metro Detroit/Twitter MSP Metro Detroit/Twitter

The dashcam footage shows an officer chasing down one of the suspects through an apartment complex. Trying to outrun a police cruiser on foot is going to end in failure. Guaranteed. That's exactly what happened and the suspect realized it was all over and gave up. Police said the video ends before the guy's face can be seen because, at the time, they hadn't been charged yet.

This doesn't appear to be the first time these guys stole a car from a dealership lot. Police say the suspects' methods match the pattern of other recent and nearby dealer thefts. The investigation remains ongoing but this isn't a tough one to crack.

MSP Metro Detroit/Twitter MSP Metro Detroit/Twitter
Source Credits: Click On Detroit

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