Watch The Moment A Trailer Trashes A Ford Excursion At High Speed

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Trailer owners beware: Don't be like this guy.

The action starts at around the 50-second mark when a trailer-towing SUV driver speeds into the frame. The Ford Excursion is clearly carrying way too much speed, with the trucker filming the road with his dashcam showing a steady speed of 65 mph when the Excursion fires into shot. Trouble for the Ford has already started by the time it comes into view, with the trailer hooked to the back starting to twist and shake.

The semi driver spots the danger immediately, taking evasive action just as the trailer leaves the ground, slaps the truck sideways, leaving both in a cloud of dust, presumably on their sides and in some degree of disrepair.

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Understandably the semi driver mouths a few expletives having witnessed the accident at such close proximity. He quickly stops and no doubt heads to see that the occupants are OK, which thankfully they were. Clearly, anyone watching this that's thinking of going on a road trip with a trailer should pay close attention. The trailer is a bit of a beast, and one that's fully loaded and tail-heavy is going to be vulnerable to the occasional crosswind. That said, when pulling anything with your car, plan to travel slower than normal and give yourself enough time to make your journey. Don't rush. Don't be this guy.

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