Watch The New BMW M2 And M4 GTS Perform Some Epic Track Moves

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Uh, we'll take either. Or both.

In the same month, BMW revealed two incredible new track weapons, the M4 GTS and the M2. Think of them as BMW's reply to those who say that the German carmaker lost its way over the past few years. Sure, BMW has taken up the luxury mantle lately, but both of these new M cars prove that it's never forgotten its performance and driver's car roots. Can't you tell we're excited to get behind the wheel of both of them? All in good time.

But for now BMW has released a pair of videos showcasing each respective car burning up pavement and tires on the UK's Anglesey Circuit.

Places like this is where both cars belong. BMW, welcome back to being your old self. Missed you there for a while.

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