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The higher top end is unlocked with the optional M Driver's Package.

We have been teased relentlessly with images of the upcoming BMW M2. We've seen it on the road as well as running around the Nurburgring in various states of undress. But in its German homeland, the camouflage is being shed to give us a better grasp of what the G87-generation M2 looks like ahead of the October global reveal. We know this iteration of the BMW M2 will be the last to offer a manual gearbox, and now with the M Driver's Package, owners can soar up to 181 mph, as tested on the Autobahn by German pro driver Daniel Abt.

After the top speed was attained for several minutes in real-world conditions, the new G87 BMW M2 was tested for acceleration, and we noticed improvements over the outgoing M2 Competition, even the 444-horsepower M2 CS.

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"We used the design and the tech from the M3 and M4. So we have the same drivetrain, the same powertrain, the same axles, chassis, and components in the car," Dirk Hacker, Vice President of BMW M Engineering, told BMW Blog. "We used the performance of the M3 and M4 to translate into the performance of the M2."

And that performance comes courtesy of the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six from the M3 and M4 that is mildly detuned to produce an estimated 450 hp. The big news is, of course, that this is the last gasoline-only M production car that will ever be produced by the Munich-based company. The new M2 will come with the eight-speed M-Sport Steptronic, but the final manual transmission offered in an M-car will be an option.

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With race car driver Daniel Abt at the wheel, a top-speed run was made on a two-lane stretch of Autobahn. The M2 appears quite stable and confident on its way to a 181 mph run (292 km/h) along a slight curve no less. After a bit of chit-chat in German, Abt was able to do an acceleration run of 0-62 mph, which looks to be in the high-three-second range.

The upcoming G87 M2 appears to be a short wheelbase M4 that may be detuned but can be unlocked to gain the same power levels. The new M2 is not only more powerful but wider, with standard adjustable dampers and an available carbon fiber roof, and will come with the 50th anniversary M badges for its first year only.

Source Credits: BMW Blog

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