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Watch The New Land Rover Discovery Tow A 110-Ton Road Train

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Yes, the very same Discovery you can buy right now.

The Land Rover Discovery has proven itself time and again as a formidable off-road SUV, but that's not the only reason why people buy them. The Discovery has also become a fully-fledged luxury vehicle, and yet it's never forsaken its roots. Land Rover wanted to prove this by bringing the new Discovery to Australia's Outback and having it tow a 100-meter long, 100-ton road train. Obviously the idea was to demonstrate the Discovery's towing capabilities, and it's managed to do so brilliantly here.

The road train itself consisted of a seven-trailer truck, which the 2018 Discovery pulled for 16 km (just under 10 miles). This particular Discovery was powered by the 255-hp 3.0-liter diesel engine and Land Rover managed to have a section of the Lasseter Highway closed off for the event.

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Road trains are not an unusual sight in Australia's Outback, as they're used to transport fuel, mineral ore and cattle between remote rural communities. However, strict regulations only allow them to be a maximum length of 53.5 meters, meaning Land Rover had to, once again, receive permission to nearly double the trailer length. The Managing Director of haulage specialist G&S Transport, John Bilato, was brought in specifically to help supervise the pull, as well as serve as the Discovery's driver. This isn't the first time a Discovery's towing capabilities were demonstrated.

Back in 1989, the original Discovery was used to pull a train, and just last year the Discovery Sport towed a trio of rail carriages 85 feet above the Rhine River. But this latest towing demo is really something else. Check it out in the official video above.