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We're not quite sure if we like this or not.

The Rezvani range is rather unconventional looking. With that aggressive styling comes some new technology, in particular a new door system that completely redefines just how the thing that lets you get in and out of your car should work. The doors on the Rezvani Beast Alpha caused a bit of a stir online when close-up images of the open doors were circulated. This new design by the automaker is one of the strangest we've seen, and that's saying a lot when you consider how the doors work on a Koenigsegg.

Over at Rezvani Motors, the chaps in the know have dubbed this new door system "Sidewinder doors," which sort of describes how they function.

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Koenigsegg doors sort of pop sideways and then rotate forwards. If you're too close to a curb this could damage the door edge. Lamborghini doors slide up scissor-style and this can see the highest point of the door hitting an object above. Normal doors, well they can be swung open to hit a car parked alongside. Gullwing doors need space on the sides and the top of the car or damage will result when opening and closing. Clearly then all door designs have flaws, and the Rezvani system is the same. On the Alpha the doors pop out to the sides and then extend forwards alongside the hood of the car. Parking distances will need to be observed to avoid damage, but we do like the Transformer look and feel.

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