Watch The New S-Class Gracefully Tackle The Nurburgring

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Because even on a race track, the S-Class is sophisticated.

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is almost here. Thanks to some spy shots of the cabin that we acquired earlier this year, we know that the interior of the luxury sedan will feature a pair of massive Tesla-like screens. Just this week, we also got a good look at the front end of the new limo thanks to some teaser photography from Mercedes. Now, Youtuber Automotive Mike has uploaded a video of the range-topping sedan undergoing testing at Germany's Nurburgring in preparation for its full reveal later this year. As with earlier spy shots, the S-Class remains camouflaged in vinyl. But despite the S-Class tackling the Nurburgring for testing, it isn't going all-out as you might expect, and instead, the luxury sedan looks remarkably graceful.

As anyone who'd driven the track will tell you, the Nurburgring's Nordschleife is an incredible track, but it's not special because it's perfect. On the contrary, the track is alluring because it's immensely challenging. there are blind rises, sweeping curves, high-speed straights, uneven concrete patches, tight low-speed corners, and off-camber corner entries and exits. Thus, the S-Class is on this track, not to determine how fast it can get around the circuit but to test its suspension, brakes, steering, stability programs, and everything else that keeps the S-Class serene and safe on the road. No other track in the world offers such a comprehensive number of challenging track conditions in one place, so the Nurburgring is perfect.

CocheSpias / Instagram
CocheSpias / Instagram

While we wait for the global release of the hotly anticipated luxury sedan, we' re sure we'll see more and more shots of it out in the wild and we'll gain access to more details on what to expect from the 2021 S-Class. More than ever before, the technology in high-end luxury sedans like this, the BMW 7 Series, and Audi's A8 is incredibly complex. Fully autonomous self-driving tech is a likely to be brought to market in a big way by one of these three vehicles, but while that may be of interest to buyers, it's good to note that the likes of Mercedes haven't forgotten what made its cars so eagerly sought after in the first place, and is ensuring that the new model is better than ever.

Source Credits: Automotive Mike

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