Watch The Range Rover Evoque Tackle The World’s Largest Speed Bump


The Range Rover Evoque may look less rugged than its siblings, but it’s still a very capable SUV.

The Range Rover Evoque may be Land Rover’s best-selling SUV thanks to its sleek styling and modern technology, but you’re more likely to see it cruising urban city streets than tackling treacherous off-road terrain. Land Rover seems to be all-too aware of this, so it staged a stunt on UK streets showing the Evoque driving over the world’s largest speed bump to show off the SUV’s prowess. In the promotional video, local drivers appear puzzled at the sight of the overly large speed bump blocking the road and are forced to find an alternative route.

Some try to drive over the speed bump without success as traffic begins to clog up. Amusingly, a bemused BMW X3 driver concedes "I'm not sure it's that good a 4x4" when approaching the speed bump in a not-so-subtle dig at the competition. Predictably, a Range Rover Evoque driver suddenly shows up to show its less capable SUV rivals how it’s done, and drives over the speed bump with ease.

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Clearly, the message here is that the Range Rover Evoque is still a very capable SUV that can tackle any obstacle you throw at it, even if it looks less rugged than its off-roading siblings. Sadly, Land Rover recently killed off the three-door coupe Evoque in the US, but you can still buy the five-door or convertible model which start at $41,800.