Watch The Rivian R1T Take Some Serious Punishment

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If you need proof the Rivian R1T can do serious off-roading, here it is.

With customer deliveries scheduled to start in the summer, Rivian is busy putting the R1T electric pickup through some serious punishment to thoroughly test the components. This will be the first of several electric pickups that will soon flood the market including the Tesla Cybertruck, electric Ford F-150, and Lordstown Endurance, so Rivian needs to start building up hype as the launch gets closer.

To demonstrate the electric truck's exceptional capability, Rivian's chief executive RJ Scaringe shared new videos showing the R1T being torture tested in environments with tough terrain to see how it copes.
RJ Scaringe/Twitter
RJ Scaringe/Twitter

In the first video, we get to see the Rivian R1T tackle a downhill rocky trail in the Arizona desert filled with bumps and deep ruts, but the R1T makes light work of it thanks to its independent air suspension and all-wheel drive system. One of the back wheels even lifts off the ground at one point, but the R1T proves to be unstoppable.

The second video is even more awe-inspiring, as the R1T climb a steep grade in about ten seconds. This requires skill and precision, but the Rivian R1T makes it look effortless as it climbs the grade without breaking a sweat or suffering any damage. This wasn't a careful climb either, as the driver didn't hold back.
RJ Scaringe/Twitter
RJ Scaringe/Twitter
RJ Scaringe/Twitter

What makes this feat even more impressive is that the Rivian R1T tackled these challenging conditions without the aid of chunky all-terrain tires. This should give anyone who has already placed an order for the truck the confidence to take the R1T on demanding off-road adventures. In a previous test video, we've also seen the Rivian R1T demonstrate its towing prowess by towing a 30-foot trailer across the demanding Davis Dam Grade climb in extreme temperatures.

Powering the Rivina R1T are four electric motors producing a combined 754 hp and 826 lb-ft of torque, enabling the electric truck to accelerate from 0-62 mph in just three seconds. Deliveries of the Rivian R1T are slated to start in June, so we should see more videos of it in action before then.

Front Angle View Rivian
Front View Driving Rivian

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