Watch The Stig Pilot The Fastest Bumper Car In The World


Would you be brave enough to drive a bumper car at 100 mph?

We've seen the Stig tame some of the most savage supercars on the planet around the famous Top Gear test track, but nothing compares to the insanity of this. Bumper cars are designed for fairground fun rather than straight-line speed, but the delightfully crazy Colin Furze, who hosts a, shall we say, eccentric engineering channel on YouTube, wanted to change that. To achieve this, he fitted a decrepit dodgem with a 600cc motorbike engine from a Honda. Like we said, he's delightfully crazy.

Among Colin's craziest creations include a homemade hover bike, a jet bicycle and a lifesize Star Wars AT-AT Walker. So when the BBC asked him to create an insanely fast bumper car, he could hardly say no. Powered by a 600cc Honda motorbike engine, the bonkers bumper car produces 100-horsepower.

And in the hands of the Stig, it set a new Guiness World Record a recording a speed of 100.336 mph, making it the fastest bumper car in the world. "Stig's at his happiest when he's making the slow, fast," said Furze, "so what better way to celebrate the new series of Top Gear than by taking a rusty old bumper car and converting it into the ultimate fairground speed machine."

Guinness World Records adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi added: "We're all used to seeing The Stig driving at high speed, but he's usually in a sports car and on a race track. To see him hurtle past in a classic bumper car at 100 mph was surreal, but hugely impressive. Equally as impressive is the engineering expertise of Colin Furze."

It's hard to argue with that last statement – you can see the meticulous building process of Colin's crazy contraption for yourself in the embedded videos.

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