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Watch The Tesla Model X Stubbornly Refuse To Roll Over

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Most SUVs are prone to rolling over in a crash – but not the Tesla Model X.

Due to their high center of gravity and top-heavy design, SUVs are prone to rolling over in a crash. Not so in the Tesla Model X. During extensive crash testing conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Model X was awarded a five-star overall rating and scored five stars in every category – including the rollover test, which is extremely rare for an SUV. To demonstrate how difficult it is to roll the electric SUV over, Tesla recently conducted its own internal test.

A video posted on Tesla's Twitter account shows the Model X being shoved sideways into a massive box of sand to simulate what would happen if it left the road and slid sideways onto a loose surface like sand or dirt. Jalopnik mentions this crash test is known as a "soil trip" test and isn't uncommon in the industry.

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In most scenarios, this would cause an SUV to roll over, thus increasing the risk of injury. But not the Tesla Model X. In all three tests, the electric SUV stubbornly refuses to flip over. In the final test, it comes close to tipping onto its roof, but the SUV somehow flips back onto its wheels. Why is it almost impossible to roll over in a Tesla Model X? There's a simple explanation: the heavy battery pack powering the SUV is mounted beneath the floor, creating an extremely low center of gravity. In fact, some Model X owners who have been involved in accidents attribute the SUV's design to saving their lives.