Watch The Tough Toyota Hilux Get Towed By Miniature RC Cars

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As advertisements go for trucks and toy cars, this has to be one of the coolest.

As advertisements for pickup trucks and toy cars go, this is one of the coolest. The Toyota Hilux is renowned for being one of the toughest trucks in the world. It's virtually indestructible, as the Top Gear team famously found when they tried to kill one using any means necessary. It even survived being put on top of a tower block which was then demolished. Well, the world's toughest truck has met its match in the form of some dinky RC toys. Turns out the mini Hilux is just as strong as the real thing in the world of radio-controlled cars.

Back in the 1980s, Toyota pulled off a famous stunt demonstrating how a fleet of radio-controlled Tamiya Hilux Bruisers were strong enough to pull a full-size version of the pickup they were modelled after. You can catch a brief glimpse of it in the video embedded below, or watch it in full here.

Now, Toyota and Tamiya have teamed up to repeat the same stunt with the current production model and its RC equivalent. 15 1:10 scale Hilux RC cars were hitched up to the real thing, and slowly but surely, they manage to tow the Hilux out of a hanger at an impressive pace. Even more impressively, the only modifications made to each miniature RC car were two 500-gram weights to increase the traction. As advertisements for trucks and toy cars go, this is one of the coolest.

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