Watch The Trailer For Between 2 Rides Season 2 With Emelia Hartford

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And get ready for a season premiere exclusively on CarBuzz.

Season 2 of eBay Motors' Between 2 Rides will drop on May 31, but CarBuzz readers will have exclusive access to the first episode a full 24 hours beforehand. The trailer for the second season previews more action than ever before, with a new host in the form of Emelia Hartford, the tuner and racer responsible for the record-setting twin-turbo C8 Corvette Stingray and the first twin-turbo C8 Corvette Z06. Hartford will also be starring in the upcoming Gran Turismo film.

If you're not familiar with Between 2 Rides, it's the ultimate stock vs. modded car comparison starring your favorite racers, tuners, and YouTube personalities and their custom-built rides. Each episode focuses on a different personality and their build, pitting them against the stock equivalent in outlandish challenges, all with exceptional cinematography to create some of the most exciting car content on the internet.

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And the follow-up season aims to be even better than the first, with episodes featuring Cleetus McFarland and Donnie the Drift Car (his modified C5 Corvette), TJ Hunt, Hailie Deegan, That Dude In Blue, and the crews from CBoysTV and Gears & Gasoline.

The action will be on-road and off-road, ranging from dune buggies to pickup trucks and drift cars to straight-line monsters. While the first episode will be available to the public on Wednesday, 31 May, the season premiere will be exclusively available on CarBuzz on Tuesday, 30 May, at 9 AM Pacific Time.

eBay Motors
eBay Motors

Ahead of Season 2, you've still got time to play catch-up if you never watched the first season. Season 1 starred drift superstar Chris Forsberg in his epic Nissan Z drift car, as well as Emelia Hartford and her C8 Corvette, Tanner Foust and his Baja Bug, Rich Rebuilds and his V8-powered Tesla, and Westen Champlin's insane diesel-powered Smokestang.

If you enjoyed Season 1, then Season 2 will bring you even more insanity, all while giving modders insight on where to start with their own builds.

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