Watch The Ultimate Loser Slash Open The Roof Of A Porsche

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And now he needs to be caught.

Yes, this is a Porsche 930 slantnose convertible. And yes, that's a guy slashing open its roof with a knife. He needs to be brought to justice. This is CCTV footage of the still at-large would-be thief taking a five-inch blade to the roof. He then hops inside and parks his bottom in the driver's seat. Did he steal something? A pair of sunglasses? A phone? We honestly have no clue. What we do know, according to Sky News, is that the incident happened on September 29th at 7:45am on Mill Street, in London's exclusive Mayfair neighborhood.

The police still haven't caught him, hence why the footage was just released in the hope someone will come forward with a tip. In fact, police believe this is the same guy who was spotted, knife in hand, trying to break into a Porsche Cayenne only 20 minutes after this. Oh yeah, notice how people walked by during the break-in and did NOTHING.

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