Watch The Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport Destroy The Autobahn

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It's pretty quick.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI might not be the fastest hot hatch around, but it still sets the bar for comfort, build quality, and well-roundedness in its class. While competitors such as the Honda Civic-Type R focus on hardcore performance, the GTI has always had more of a relaxed persona, but as we've seen, it's no slowpoke. To help the GTI retain some of its street cred, Volkswagen released the Clubsport, which features a power bump to 292 horsepower, a lowered suspension, and better brakes. This car has been tuned to go around corners, but who wouldn't want to know how fast it can go on the unrestricted Autobahn? In the following video, we get to see the new car perform 0-62 mph and 62-124 mph runs, as well as execute a few glorious pops and bangs.

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The Clubsport is a full 13 seconds faster than the standard GTI around the Nurburgring, and according to Volkswagen will do the zero to sixty sprint in "under five seconds" while topping out at 155 mph. In the video, the car's 0-62 mph time is tested first. With launch control activated, the car lunges forward while maintaining a surprising amount of grip. Even on a somewhat damp road, the Clubsport manages an impressive time of 5.68 seconds, with the boost pressure gauge in the center of the speedometer showing 2.3 bar. The driver keeps his foot planted and reaches the 124 mph mark in 17.3 seconds.

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With a long stretch of road ahead, the Golf GTI Clubsport hurdles on to 156 mph. Next, the Clubsport is tested from 60 mph to 124 mph. With the added power, this sprint is handled in only 11.5 seconds, making it around 4.4 seconds faster than the standard GTI with the DSG transmission. The fact that the Clubsport achieved these numbers on damp road conditions and with winter tires fitted makes it all the more impressive.

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