Watch The World's Most Powerful Toyota GR Yaris Put Down 549 HP On The Dyno

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Already the garage responsible for the world's first 10-second GR Yaris, EKanoo Racing has set the bar even higher.

EKanoo Racing has posted a video showing what it claims is the world's most powerful Toyota GR Yaris. The short clip was recently uploaded to YouTube and shows the three-cylinder pocket rocket putting its power down on the dyno rollers and recording a highly impressive figure of 549 horsepower at the wheels, with a peak of 496 lb-ft of torque. For reference, the motor in a standard GR Yaris develops up to 268 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque, which made it the most powerful three-cylinder engine ever fitted to a road car. But with a few choice modifications, the little pocket rocket becomes a Corvette-beating beast.


It's unclear what modifications owner Ebrahim Kanoo and his team have applied to this example, as the tuner's Instagram account was removed from the platform at the time of writing. Its Facebook page has also been barren of posts for about more than four years now.

But we suspect that the mods are similar to those applied to the company's other GR Yaris, which is finished in blue. Again, we don't have full details, but we do know that the blue car has a Motec M142 PNP kit, a custom intercooler, a new exhaust system, and a BMC air filter. The blue car was the first to dip into the 11-second bracket this year, and roughly nine months ago, that same car went one better by becoming the first GR Yaris in the 10s. That video is embedded below.


As impressive as these feats are, the tuner is not resting on its laurels. The caption below the dyno run video says that the team still has "a lot of room for improvement," adding that it will be testing the vehicle at a drag event next month. The Bahrain-based tuner made a name for itself by creating a drag-racing monster of the Nissan GT-R but has dabbled in other supercars too, and lately seems to have pivoted more toward Toyota products. The company is even working on the Toyota Tundra pickup, but we doubt it will get bored of the GR Yaris for some time to come.

With the GR Corolla sharing the same engine and now making its way to American buyers, we suspect the aftermarket tuning circle is about to take the little three-cylinder to new heights. Who will be the first to crack 600 hp?


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