Watch These Drifters Make An Abandoned Mall Their Playground

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With the help of two 1,000-hp beasts.

This is what every Black Friday shopping experience should be like. Instead of rushing through a mall to get one item at an amazing price, enthusiasts should be able to drift through the mall in a cloud of smoke. While that will never happen, Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck-two of the best drifters in the world-took two 1,000-hp Nissan 370Zs to an abandoned mall and drifted the heck out of the cars. They came inches away from walls, ledges and other types of obstacles that one would find in a mall. It's just as dangerous and insane as it sounds.

This may be a commercial to buy Hoonigan apparel online, but this incredible drifting video makes Black Friday look fun, which is something that's hard to do.

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