Watch These Mechanics Chase Down A Thief Who Stole Their Customer's Car

One of the coolest chase videos you'll ever watch.

Getting your car stolen sucks and so does having to go to the mechanic. For the former, you’ll probably never see your car again and when it comes to the latter no matter how nice the folks at the shop are they’ll still asked to be paid in money. That being said this video features both a stolen car and mechanics and is one of the most awesome we’ve seen in a while. Two mechanics are out to lunch when they spot a Volvo S60R (all-wheel drive and 300 horsepower!) that belongs to a customer, Shelby.

Shelby’s car was stolen and after they confirm with her that it’s still gone the chase is on! The video is kind of long but worth it for the running commentary and awesome ending. Job well done, guys!

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