Watch These Morons Use iPhones As Brake Pads On A Porsche 911

Did they really think that it would work?

Brakes are the unsungheroes of all cars. Engine figures like horsepower and torque tend to dominate avehicle’s statistics, but they only paint a part of the complete picture. Withoutbrakes, vehicles wouldn’t be able to function. How vital are your car’s brakes?Well thanks to EverythingApplePro, we now know that brake pads cannot be replacedby iPhones. Seriously. This individual replaced the brake pads on his Porsche911 with four iPhone 5S and four iPhone 4S smartphones to see if they could beused in an emergency.

If you’ve ever wantedto know what it’s like to use your phone as a brake pad, then watch the videobelow. For others—like us—that have never thought about replacing brake pads withphones, try not to cringe when you watch this.

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