Watch These People Freak Out Taking Their Driving Tests In A Porsche 911

They didn't even know where the engine was.

Going for your driver’s license is a stressful experience. But that moment of pure bliss, not to mention relief, when you found out you passed, makes the ordeal so worthwhile. Chances are, however, you took that driving test in a car that wasn’t a brand new Porsche 911. Perhaps it was a Toyota Corolla, or maybe even a minivan? Point being is that the 911 is a serious sports car with serious power – and these French driving test candidates were keenly aware of that.

No wonder they panicked the moment they were told and then shown the 911 that would be their assigned test car. And yes, the entire video is in French (with English subtitles, of course). For some reason, watching French people freak out over something like this is more entertaining than we thought.

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