Watch These Pro Drifters Slip And Slide In This Epic 360-Degree Video

It's a serious thing of beauty.

Pro drifter Chris Forsberg is the costar of this video. We say “costar” because the real star here is technology, specifically the tech that allows 360-degree YouTube videos like this to be made. On its own a bunch of cars drifting around a track would be dope. But Gizmodo had this video made with an awesome 360fly Camera. That means you can swing all the way around the car, checking out what’s going on from the back or the sides. What a time to be alive, right?

The only downside here is that the video quality is a bit crappy. Still, it’s damn cool to watch. These types of videos are becoming more popular in the auto world and we’re all for it. Make all the things 360 degrees, damn it!

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