Watch this Aventador Spit Flames

Want to see a Lamborghini Aventador shoot flames? A Dubai-based supercar rental company has the answer.

What’s better than seeing or hearing a Lamborghini Aventador roar down the road? Seeing one that shoots out flames, obviously. This new video is an apt demonstration of awesome as someone sits in the driver’s seat of the mighty bull and revs the engine. Just the sound alone is incredible but once those flames begin to ignite from the rear exhaust, it becomes an even better time standing around watching somebody else’s supercar.

In this case, the Aventador is owned by HDS Rent A Car, a Dubai-based company that rents out, you guessed it, supercars. So the next you’re in Dubai and want everyone to think you own an Aventador that spits flames, be sure to give these guys a call.

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