Watch This Badass 18-Year-Old Girl Hit A Quarter Mile In 8 Seconds

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Definitely girlfriend material.

18-year-old Alex Taylor, is the youngest competitor at Rocky Mountain Race Week and is a bigger gearhead than you are. She helped build a 1969 twin turbo LS2 Camaro and is a master at drag racing in it. She reportedly began competing at Drag Week as young as age 16, and back then drove the same Camaro but with a naturally aspirated V8. This video shows some of the highlights of her journey towards achieving her ultimate goal: A sub 9.0-second quarter-mile. How's that for turning the teenage girl stereotype on its head?

This is no easy feat. Constructing a car capable of this is immensely challenging and so is driving it as fast as possible. Check this amazing video, complete with burnouts and several blisteringly quick passes.

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