Watch This Badass Tank Drift Across A Frozen Lake

This is the ultimate winter daily driver.

This is the Ripsaw EV2 from Howe and Howe Technologies. TheEV2 is the sequel to the equally insane EV1, which was built for commercialpurposes and to be used in films such as “G.I. Joe Retaliation” and “Mad Max: FuryRoad.” While the Ripsaw may not be as famous as the original EV (extremevehicle) it is no less badass, as this video proves. The EV2 looks well-equipped to tackle the frozen tundra and does so in style and with a healthy dose of fun.

It effortlessly slides across the ice andmanages to catch some nice air as it tears through the woods. Winter is justabout gone, so enjoy this video before the snow melts.

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