Watch This Car Come Out of Nowhere

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The floods currently striking the Sunshine Coast in Australia have destroyed lives and property but there was at least one fun moment when this car suddenly emerged from the water.

The Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia is currently being hit by massive floods that residents have described as "surreal scenes." People are being rescued from their homes in often times "neck high" floodwaters. It's a grim situation and people there are facing the fight of their lives. But despite all of the devastation and destruction with billions of dollars in damage, some local residents enjoyed a light-hearted time-out in taking the following street footage.

As a local city bus is attempting to make its way down the dirty water-flooded seats, a car suddenly emerges like a submarine coming out of the water and nearly hitting a police officer. Literally, the car was completely submerged under water. See for yourself.

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