Watch This Carjacking Attempt Get Foiled Thanks To Quick Thinking And Good Driving

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You know that moment we're all waiting for where we get to use our superior driving talents? Well it happened to this guy.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, was never really on the map as a crime-riddled city until Breaking Bad came out and had everyone wondering what was going on in every RV and strip mall lawyers office. But just in case you needed further evidence that Albuquerque is a bit rough around the edges, there's a new video that has surfaced on the Internet. Unlike Breaking Bad, this won't make you waste precious hours of your life waiting for the next big plot thickener to happen.

That's because the attempted carjacking only happens at 0:45 seconds into the video. What we see here is a man (who luckily has a dash cam and a camera pointed at the passenger compartment) minding his business and driving down a dark secluded road when suddenly, a red Chrysler 300 pulls in front in attempting to block the path of his Subaru Forester.

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The man, recognizing the potential danger, immediately puts the car in reverse and tries to leave the scene. Not deterred, the carjackers turn to follow him, chasing the man through the city streets and occasionally attempting to stop him again. At one point, 911 is called while the victim continues to evade the red Chrysler and its presumed attackers. At one point, he spots a police car and starts honking to get his attention. After signaling the officer to the car, the Chrysler promptly takes off and is chased down by the police. Interestingly enough, at the very tail end of the video, another red Chrysler 300 passes by as if checking out the scene.

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