Watch This Cayman GT4 Driver Demonstrate Epic Control By Spraying Gravel

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At photographers, nonetheless.

We're used to seeing the Nurburgring get the best of drivers. It's not exactly the easiest track to go fast on. Practice going slow before going fast is some good advice, as is hiring an instructor for the really inexperienced. But even if that's all done and then some, no one is completely immune from the Green Hell. The driver of this Porsche Cayman GT4 would probably be more than happy to reiterate that.

So what if he's got a fantastic ride that's been engineered for stuff just like this; it all comes down to driver skill to save one's own ass, and this guy has got some serious skill. He missed the apex after coming around the corner and nearly collided with the rail. Perhaps he ought to consider taking up rallying.

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