Watch This Cayman S Drift in the Snow

No, this isn't aweather report from the Carribean. It's a Porsche drifting video.

It's February and there are many parts of the world still covered in snow. Like Germany, for example. But that didn't stop one Christian Gebhardt of Sport Auto magazine from taking a new Porsche Cayman S out to the Hockenheimring to show us all that there's still fun to be had even in harsh weather - and that's it's possible to control a mid-engined, rear-drive sportscar even when there's little traction to be had. Of course the Cayman's tail tried sliding its way out the whole time, but Gebhard proved capable of keeping it in line.

After the winter track spectacle, Gebhardt takes the Cayman on a high-speed test where he got up to 180 mph. Yes, in the snow. Welcome to Germany.

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