Watch this Chevy Cavalier Blow Up in Slow Mo

Because watching bad cars explode in a ball of fire is great fun.

If there’s one crap car the so-called old GM was known for, it was undoubtedly the Chevrolet Cavalier. First launched in late 1981, it was finally discontinued in 2005 and yet remained on the exact same platform its whole life. Aside from body redesigns and facelifts, its underpinnings were downright ancient when it was finally killed off. It was also a borderline piece of shit reliability and build quality wise. Obviously we’re not fans of the old Cavalier and we doubt most of you aren’t either.

So how fun would it be to watch a Cavalier get blown up for no other reason than to see one on fire – and in slow motion? That’s exactly what these guys did in the video ahead.

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