Watch this Corvette and Gallardo Race

This is what a Corvette and a Gallardo look and sound like when given a healthy dose of steroids.

What do you do when you have a Chevy Corvette tuned to somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,700 horsepower and a Lamborghini Gallardo with 1,500 hp? You race them on a public road, of course. Yeah, it’s probably not exactly the most legal thing one can do with their spare time but still, it looks like an insane amount of fun. The Racing Channel has just released this video on YouTube showing these two horsepower beasts tearing up a stretch of almost empty highway.

Fortunately the shenanigans take place at night when few if any other cars are on the road. But listen to noises each of these cars make. Oy, it’s just too wonderful.

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