Watch This Custom H1 Hummer Absolutely Dominate A Flooded Houston Street

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This is what the Hummer was made for.

Houston, Texas, is currently experiencing intense flooding that has killed five people. According to CNN at least four of these deaths were of drivers trying to conquer flooded roads. Driving through flooded streets is dumb and dangerous, but our fingers are going to stop wagging just for a second thanks to this video from EVS Motors. The custom car shop has a sister brand, Search & Destroy Tactical Vehicles, that makes beastly, custom H1 Hummers. One of those Hummers is in this video dominating a flooded street.

According to a Facebook comment from Search & Destroy Tactical Vehicles the H1 was out delivering food to a handicap mom who was stranded. So no, these guys weren't just out tooling around, although it does seem like they certainly had some fun.

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