Watch This Driver Crash Into The Second Floor Of A Building


Video shows the car narrowly missing a bus before crashing into the building.

A driver under the influence of drugs managed to lose control of his Nissan Altima before crashing into the the second floor of a building in Santa Ana, California. The building he crashed into is a dentist’s office. A video of the crash has emerged which shows the car missing another car and hitting the road divider, sending it airborne. The vehicle narrowly misses a bus before hitting the building. The video comes from a dashcam on the bus and a CCTV recording. The dashcam footage shows the car coming in from the left and flying right in front of the bus.

Nobody was killed in the crash, which happened at 5:30 am. The driver and the passenger of the car were luckily unharmed. The driver managed to jump out of the car while firefighters came in to rescue the passenger. The car was left dangling half outside the building and a crane was used to remove it.

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The driver, who has admitted to using drugs before the crash, has since been arrested. Moral of the story: Don't do drugs and drive.