Watch This F-150 Get Utterly Decimated By An Anti-Tank Gun From WWII

Annnd now it's a write-off!

It was only a short time ago that we learned just how tough an F-150 was after watching the pickup truck get hit with .50 caliber slugs and keep on, well, trucking. Of course if something bleeds, or leaks fluid, it can be killed. Sometimes you just need a bigger gun. The guys from the YouTube channel FullMag are back to finally put this busted F-150 down, this time enlisting the help of an anti-tank gun from World War II. We’ll kill the mystery now: A modern Ford isn’t stronger than a 1940s tank.

Chevy fans will love this video, as will anyone who enjoys explosions and general badassery. Blowing up trucks with World War II weapons sounds like the perfect life, eh?

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