Watch this Ford Raptor Fly...Then Crash

The Ford Raptor might be one tough off-roader, but it can't defy the laws of physics.

We all know the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is the best pickup truck in the world these days. It can handle regular truck duties as well as being a true badass in any off road situation. So it's been shown time and again just how awesome the Raptor is in numerous situations, but we need to remember that no matter how tough it may be everything has its limits. The following two videos were taken showing what happens when a Raptor is launched 90 feet in the air at 60 mph.

The "Redneck with a paycheck" driver didn't realize that the laws of physics would actually cause him to overshoot the landing and come crashing down. Gravity has a tendency to do that.

The impact of the hard landing was powerful enough to set off the truck's airbags. No word on whether the driver was physically hurt but we're sure his pride was.

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