Watch This Fox Body Mustang Trip Over Itself And Wreck During A Drag Race

It's like Usain Bolt tripping over his laces.

Many of us learn the hard way that what goes up must come down. Luckily, we usually learn how to come down gracefully as life experience adds up. Unfortunately for this fox body Mustang, it did not land gently and ended up losing its front end as a result. The short wheelbase Mustang obviously has no problem sticking its nose in the air, even with a 1,800 horsepower Dodge Viper for competition. But upon landing, the nitrous-boosted Mustang broke its radiator and slipped on its own coolant.

The car lost control and took a nosedive into the barrier. The owner was unharmed and emerged from the wreck optimistic, claiming that replacement parts for fox body Mustangs are an easy find.

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