Watch This Guy Build A Porsche Taycan With A 3D-Printing Pen

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Just like the original, it's electric.

The Porsche Taycan is Porsche's first all-electric production car, and it's quite an impressive piece of machinery. With the regular car developing 563 horsepower and the Turbo capable of beating a Huracan Evo in a drag race, this is not a slow machine by any means. But when most of us see cars like these, all we can do is dream. In some cases, a model car is a nice way of satisfying at least a small part of your lust for a particular car, but even these can be ridiculously expensive. What about making your own? This guy used a 3D-printing pen to do just that, and it's remarkably well done.

3D Sanago/YouTube 3D Sanago/YouTube

It's quite a long video at 19 minutes, so we'll summarize here. The artist uses blueprint-like drawings to lay the foundations of the frame, gradually creating each side of the car. These parts are then bonded together to create a shell, and the 3D-printing pen is then used to fill in the negative spaces. Once the shell is made, he builds on the foundation more than he needs to so that he can sand it down slightly to create a smoother finish. To enhance detail, he needs other tools like modeling putty, paint, decals, plastic, and a soldering iron, but as impressive as the completed model is, he's not done yet.

3D Sanago/YouTube 3D Sanago/YouTube

He then adds functioning LED lights to either end of the car, and even an electric motor and steering system, turning this impressive little model into a functioning remote-controlled car. It's quite satisfying to watch the entire process, even though it's not narrated in English. But if you think this looks easy, hang on a second. The build took about a month to complete from start to finish, so it's not something we see ourselves experimenting with anytime soon. But with the artist uploading plenty of videos that are just as satisfying to watch, we're more than happy to see things come to life with the aid of a 3D pen.

3D Sanago/YouTube 3D Sanago/YouTube

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