Watch This Guy Get a Ticket For Being in the Way of a Cop's Ego

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When a cop is self-centered, get ready to pay.

The Move Over law was passed in several US states mandating that a car must move out of a lane or slow down in order to create passage for emergency vehicles that have emergency lights and sirens turned on. The law helps the vehicle get to the destination faster and reduce the risk of additional damage or injury en route. Likely, the law was not intended to be manipulated by cops that get their egos bruised. But that's what happened to this Missouri driver when he slowed down to let a cop turn into the road.

You can check the video to hear the cop's lame explanation for issuing the unwarranted ticket. According to the driver, the cop's siren was not turned on and it does beg the question: If the officer was in an emergency, would he really have stopped to lecture a driver and give him a ticket?

We're pretty sure this is something more along the lines of what state lawmakers had in mind.

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