Watch This Guy Ninja Jump Into His Car As Its Being Stolen


Takes the meaning of "being kicked out" to an all new level.

When someone's car is being stolen, the owner is rarely in a position to actually retrieve it from the person or group it's being pinched by. More often than not, the thieves will speed off, leaving you with only one option: dialing the police and hoping they (or, if you're in Brazil, the armed, helicopter-bound special forces division) will get it back to you safe and sound. If they're within run-up range of the car, though, a ninja jump through the window may save your from dialing 911 - as this gent from Australia handily demonstrates.

Yes, the guy was a bit of a dipstick for leaving his Nissan Silvia unlocked and not taking the keys with him, but you've gotta admire the speed and panache of his response. Unsurprisingly, the bloke did get his S15 Silvia back - though we have no idea if any other martial arts moves were used off camera.

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